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Danny Click’s ‘Life Is A Good Place’ – Better Than Good

Written by Greg Victor in Music on 22 January 2012

Danny Click – Life Is A Good Place
*** (out of 4 stars) 
Label: DogStar Records

On his latest album, Life Is A Good Place, Austin-based Danny Click brings a comfortable rock voice to straightforward songs that have a shadow of the blues to them. It’s like stumbling into a club to discover a blend of Hiatt, Mellencamp and Petty, finding a seat near the stage, and enjoying the way Click’s clarity draws you in.

The best tracks on the album are “Blue Skies,” “Ten Years,” and “If I Was God” — the latter a simple, pure layout of what a more perfect world might be like, if only… Click’s lyrics investigate thoughts that are often deep and sometimes seemingly unconquerable — the challenges of everyday life, and eventual liberation from them. While the songs guide us through the gravity, they inevitably lead us to some sort of light (or at least emotional coherence). Danny Click writes songs that could rescue anyone.

As for the musicianship, the album makes the case for everyone who already considers Danny Click to be one of the finest guitarists (acoustic or electric) around. There’s not much the guy can’t do well. Supporting Click on the album are some first-rate musicians, including Mark Goldenberg (keyboards), Kevin McCormack (bass), Mario Calire (drums), and Greg Leisz (guitar).

This is one of those albums that sings and plays it like it is, without wallowing in the emotional mire. With his guitar leading the way, Danny Click resists any self-indulgence as he inspires us. With songs like these, we know that we will get through it.

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