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Danny Click – Life Is A Good Place

Danny Click – Life Is A Good Place

Posted on December 27, 2011 by ChuckDauphin

Growing up in the Indianapolis area, Danny Click was influenced by a wide variety of sounds – and it shows up in his music. There’s everything from Tom Petty to Buck Owens in his sound, and is all seems to flow together seamlessly.

Sound-wise, he handles many different feels, but really fares best when he keeps the mood pleasant and upbeat, like he does on the cool arrangement of “You Don’t Know Me” or the bouncy beat of the set’s opener “I Feel Good Today.”

At the same time, there’s also a deeper side to Click’s work, as evidenced by cuts like the Americana-ish “Blue Skies” and the amazingly-written “Ten Years,” which manages to be both retrospective and introspective at the same time. Also a gem is the interestingly-written “If I Were God,” which will make many a listener stop and ponder the supposed little things in life just a little bit.

Danny Click is a great writer, and he’s a great performer. With Life Is A Good Place, he has put together a disc that should get him quite a bit of attention. He would merit it alone if it were simply for the irrestible “How You Feelin’ Now.” This is definitely a disc worth your attention!

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