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Danny Click immortalizes the phrase ‘Southern Charm’

Review: Danny Click – Life Is A Good Place

Danny Click immortalizes the phrase ‘Southern Charm’ in his latest album, Life is a Good Place, released earlier this year.

The technical mastery of Danny Click’s bluesy, southern guitar style is nothing short of brilliance. This guy knows how to draw our attention in, and he accomplishes this with ease. It is difficult to determine whether it is the beautifully worded lyrics that provoke the feelings the songs portray or if it is the stellar guitar accompaniment that achieves this.  Danny demonstrates technical genius whether he is playing a soft lyrical ballad or a southern rock jam.  Either way, these songs are an auditory delicacy for anyone listening.

Lyrically, Danny Click has a knack for pulling not only your mind into the music, but also your heart.  His lyrics are striking, emotional and inspiring.  Danny covers the three major ‘L’s’ of great lyrical writing; Loss, Life, and Love, things the average listener relates to the most.

Whether it’s the acoustic, electric, baritone or slide, Danny knows the guitar as if it were an extension of his soul.  His riffs are superb and his ability has to be up there with the guitar greats.  Danny has proven that his ability is vast and methodical.  I appreciate Danny’s ability to showcase his talent whether it is the soft ballad or the fast jam.  His range only further accentuates his talent and ability.

Danny has a fantastic bluesy, rock voice that blends beautifully with his guitar accompaniment.  It seems to me that different tracks highlight different musical features.  ”Grey to Blue”, and “Stark” showcase Danny’s vocal ability whereas songs like “Blue Skies”, and “Warhorse” showcase his technical mastery of the guitar.  Songs like “Ten Years” and “If I Was God” show his amazing lyrical ability.  The arrangements speaks for themselves, and of course, Danny did that too.  I should mention that the bonus ‘hidden’ track,  has some of the most beautiful music I’ve heard yet.  The lovely blend of classic piano followed by the string medley is simply stunning.  I was captivated. It was an absolute treat and a pleasant surprise as it was not listed on the track line-up.

This was a great album to listen to.  I can’t wait to hear what Danny Click has in store for us in the times to come.

Release Date: March 15, 2011


Shauna Henderson

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